For You (when I’m not there)

For You (when I’m not there)

March 2011

djerassi resident artists program

About The Project:

For You (when I’m not there) is a performance text which deals with the act of seeing and the vision of the artist. It tells the story of the suicide of Pamela Djerassi, an artist and poet and daughter of Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the birth control pill. Pamela killed herself near her father’s immense Pacific-coast estate south of San Francisco by overdosing on pills. Young wrote the piece while he was the Pearlman Fellow at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, which was founded by Carl Djerassi in memory of his daughter.

Young made a voice recording of the text for Shaun Boyle and performed in her video called For You (when I’m not there). The video was presented at the Moving Frames video dance exhibition in Prato, Italy in April 2011.

A portion of the text was also used in the performance nOt tHERE at Marlborough Gallery in March 2011, in collaboration with artist Franklin Evans and choreographer Niall Jones.




Written by Paul David Young