Evolutions of the Performance Aesthetic


One of the hotly debated current issues is the turn by visual artists towards theatre as a way of working, by using plays, acting and rehearsal techniques for their art. The first of the new “Performance Ideas” books by PAJ, this volume includes playwright and curator Paul David Young in dialogue with many crossover artists, including Pablo Helguera, Liz Magic Laser, David Levine, Janet Cardiff, Alix Pearlstein, and Michael Smith, who offer wide-ranging views on performance, video, photography, and sound.

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Banner photo credit: Xaviera Simmons.


newARTtheatre Panel 1

John Kelly, Liz Magic Laser, David Levine, and Alix Pearlstein discuss their work and its relationship to theater. As art appropriates theater, how does the aesthetics of performance evolve? Illuminating their own work and practices, the newARTtheater panelists will address virtuosity, the performance text, institutional critique, the social conditions of performance, presence, the critical reception of ARTtheater, and the politics of the body.

Moderated by Paul David Young at apexart on October 14, 2010
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newARTtheatre Panel 2

A conversation moderated by playwright Paul David Young with artists Pablo Helguera, Ohad Meromi, and Xaviera Simmons

Presented by Location One
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More info and video of the discussion is here

newARTtheatre 2 from Location One on Vimeo.

newARTtheatre Panel 3

A conversation moderated by playwright Paul David Young with John Jesurun, Joe Scanlan, Michael Smith, and Elisabeth Subrin.

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