Balcony Scene

Balcony Scene

December 2009

LMAK Projects, a New York art gallery

About The Show:

Balcony Scene is a performance based on text collage of the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and art world discourse, principally press releases and reviews. The text shifts abruptly from one to the other in order to pinpoint the corresponding tropes in the language of both worlds, which is at once funny and thought-provoking, as it requires the spectator to connect two seemingly unrelated subjects, revealing the underlying desire, theatricality, and narrative self-referentiality that propels the promotion of art. The collaged texts also determine the modes of performance as the Shakespearean text is mutated in ways evocative of the aesthetic strategies of the artists discussed. The artist Franklin Evans created the costumes and an installation as the performance environment which surrounded and included the spectators in the action. Balcony Scene was a presentation of Perverted by Theater (Franklin Evans and Paul David Young).



Written and directed by Paul David Young
With Anna Kate Bocknek* and Christopher Schram* (appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association)